Coors Light: Patrick Mahomes Time Capsule

For the past few years, Patrick Mahomes, the NFL champion, has been a brand ambassador for Coors Light. The only issue is that the NFL has contractual restrictions that prevent him from directly promoting the alcoholic beverage. For the summer of 2024, Coors Light decided to film a commercial with Patrick actually drinking their beer, but the catch is that nobody can watch it until he retires from the NFL.

Partnering with Mischief @ No Fixed Address and Hunter's Point, to protect the advertisement, we devised a high-tech time capsule that buried the commercial at the Coors Brewery in Golden Colorado. The device consists of a custom designed mechanism that retracted into the ground as part of a livestream of the burial ceremony.

Built from passivated stainless steel, the device is intended to house the capsule for an indefinite period of time until news breaks of Patrick’s retirement. At that time, the Coors Brewery archivist who has the key to the locked panel will be able to press the lit push button which will automatically raise the time capsule from the ground.

Our time capsule and plaque is currently an official part of the Coors Brewery tour.